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Director of Merchandise Planning & Allocations

Commerce, CA
March 26, 2020

The Director of Merchandise Planning & Allocations will work to efficiently flow goods from our suppliers through the supply chain and to our stores to maximize sales and gross margin while controlling costs.

Organizational Development & Strategic

  • Build the planning and analytical capabilities for the allocation / scheduling / buying / merchandising organizations to include Open to Buy.
  • Develop tools and processes for the allocation / scheduling / buying / merchandising organizations.
  • Coordinate Merchandise Logistics for Multiple DCs.
  • Drive organizational ownership and P&L mentality.
  • Establish and use departmental KPIs to drive performance.
  • Build a category management function.
  • Build target sales per foot per key category and drive great shelf space allocation.

 Allocations Dept

  • Improve the current allocation process.
  • Build and staff a supply chain customer service organization.
  • Build partnerships to implement a state of the art allocation and store ordering process.

 Scheduling Dept

  • Provide visibility for all on order inventory across all modes of transportation including imports.
  • Build a comprehensive inbound scheduling department.
  • Coordinate buying and prioritize inbound scheduling.

Merchandising System 

  • Help drive implementation of company-wide merchandising system.
  • Provide leadership in the implementation of the new merchandising system.

Category Management

  • Develop a program to rationalize duplicate or nonproductive SKUs in all categories and replace with more productive SKUs.
  • Build multiple profiles to improve merchandising and purchasing (ex. Holiday, summer, baking, spring cleaning, baseball / football season, super-bowl…).
  • Ensure all categories have key items and offer appropriate selection and value to the consumer.
  •  Abide to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy.Ensure compliance with internal controls as applicable to your function within the organization


  • Five years in merchandise leadership planning role within a large mutli-unit retailer.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.
  • Experience with high volume / discount general merchandise a plus.
  • Experience with perishable foods and/or closeouts a plus.


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